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About Us...

Venteck is an information services organization dedicated to serve its customers by providing professional services, technical services and support services.

We believe our customers can accomplish more by delegating the responsibility of managing their Information systems to a trusted partner. Venteck is that trusted partner for many of its clients and would like to become yours as well.

Our History started in the early 1980's with the idea to create a company capable of assisting businesses and government entities with their information management needs. Today Venteck has evolved into enterprise-wide solutions serving the commercial and government markets.

Our Focus, we are focused on providing business and professional IT services that meet our client needs, schedule and budget requirements. Our strong knowledge base, business knowledge, and technical experience are essential ingredients to develop a strong relationship and satisfaction with our customers.

We provide services in several key areas of information systems, some of these services include systems design, programming, web programming, technical customer services, network implementation and troubleshooting of Information Systems.
Software Development
, Our team members have expertise in developing a multitude of technical solutions, ranging from small custom projects to large-scale production systems. Depending on your needs, we will quickly adapt an existing solution, or develop a brand new system fully customized to fit your requirements. Some of our services include:

Development projects
Product co-development
Legacy product support and maintenance
External QA/testing

Document Services, Venteck has the capability to manage your online content such as Ebooks, PDF documents and protected against unauthorized use. Our services and integration capabilities provides a seamless connections between your private documents and those authorized to use them. We use technolgies such as Cloud and distributed computing.

Website design development and hosting

From standard informational brochure sites to fully dynamic database-driven solutions, we are prepared to meet the unique needs of your organization. In addition to that, we can handle full support and advertising of your web site. According to the research, more than 90% of Internet traffic is generated by search engines; submitting your website to all major search engines is the most effective way of promoting your business on the Internet. In order to maintain a high search engine ranking for any targeted 'keywords' it is essential to regularly optimize and resubmit your website.

Network design, administration and support
You may have a number of computers in your office or at home, but at this point you have no way of making them talk to each other. You may also want to store data centrally and have a way of sharing it between multiple concurrent users. Let us examine your environment and implement a cost-effective solution that meets your business needs.

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